Know The Difference Between A Mobile, Manufactured, Modular, and Park Home

When considering how to go about buying a mobile home, it’s important for everyday people to gain some familiarity with the different terms used to define living spaces that are not necessarily built on-site. Although some of the terms to describe this class of high-quality homes are often interchangeable in informal conversation, understanding the subtle difference may prove helpful when buying a mobile home.

Mobile Homes:

This term once referred to trailer homes that were on wheels during the 1970s. These products were more like the high-end RVs that people use to travel the country than the quality-constructed manufactured homes today. However, the term is considered almost interchangeable with “manufactured” home today.

Manufactured Homes:

Today’s manufactured homes are HUD-approved living spaces that enjoy quality off-site construction. They are mobile-only in the sense that they are transported to the location of the buyer’s choosing. Manufactured homes also enjoy the benefit of federally supported mortgages.

Modular Homes:

This type of home is also built off-site and transported. The primary difference between this and a standard manufactured home is that it is transported in sections that are joined at the property.

Park Homes:

These products are generally thought of as an uptick of the old 1970s trailers. Until recently, they were basically RVs that are located in specific communities. This may include what RV people call a Fifth Wheel and are often considered seasonal vacation units. However, the manufactured home industry has developed a 1-bedroom park model that is an actual home with enhanced mobility.
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When thinking about what to do when buying a “mobile home” or “manufactured home,” one of the first considerations is whether to purchase or lease land. Making this decision should be a high priority on your checklist before buying a manufactured home.
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